Sunglasses For Your Face Shape That You Won't Regret Purchasing!

Sunglasses For Your Face Shape That You Won't Regret Purchasing!

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape!

We all know the battle when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses! The process can be slow and painful but don’t worry we got your back and we’re here to help. Here we’ll discuss the 5 key ingredients you need to know/do in order to find your perfect match!

Step 1: Measure these areas of your face, please. Trust us, we’re not crazy!

  1. Measure cheekbone to cheekbone.  Place a tape measure or ruler right below your eyes and measure from the start of one cheekbone to the end of the other cheekbone. This number will determine the measurement of your eye size. Typical widths are 40–62 mm.
  2. Measure the distance from the inside corner of your eye to the other corner. Place a tape measure or ruler between the inside corner of your eye to other corner of your eye. This number will determine the size of you bridge. The bridge is the distance between lenses. Typical widths are 14–24 mm.
  3. Measure the distance from your ear to your nose bridge. Place a tape measure or ruler  along the side of your face towards your nose bridge, this measurement will determine the length of the temple which is also known as the arm piece or ear piece. Typical lengths are 120–150 mm

Step 2: Determine what is your face shape? If unsure ask a friend or take a selfie!

Frames for square face shape

  • Square face shape -  Aviators, round, oval, butterfly/cat-eye (frames that have a heavier brow line ex. Rayban Clubmaster) are best suited for square faced individuals.
Frames for round shape face 
  • Round face shape - Look for a square, rectangle, wrap or shield, these shapes are the key ingredient to a round-faced sunglass success.
Frames for oval shape face 
  • Oval face shape - You're in luck! Oval faced individuals are able to rock just about any shape and size!
Frames for oblong face shape
  • Oblong face shape -  An important tip for you oblong faces; avoid small and tiny frames. We suggest to try oversized shapes such as square, shield, wrap, and rectangles (ex. Gucci 0017S). 
Frames for heart face shape
  • Heart face shape - A heart is wider on the top and narrow at the bottom therefore so should be your sunglasses! This will be the most complimenting shape for you hearts. Try out butterfly/cat-eye, aviator, shields, and rimless designs (ex. Tom Ford Mia 0574). 
Frames for diamond face shape
  • Diamond face shape - Curves are everything when you are a diamond! Look for oval shapes that have a heavier brow line or a rimless design that will help emphasize your features this will do so by complementing your cheekbones (ex. Michael Kors Sanibel 2068).

***Important fact for everyone - If you come across the term Universal fit or Asian fit this design has a more secure and higher nose bridge built in for a better fit if you have a low or narrow bridge. 

Step 3: Choose what colour you prefer to see the world looking out.

  • Grey - The darkest colour available for sun lenses. Grey lenses provides true colour perception and reduces eye fatigue. You'll be loving grey lenses on your bright and sunny vacation trips to Hawaii. 
  • Brown/Amber - Brighter can be better! This colour lens enhances contrast therefore making the world seem brighter. Great for any weather conditions. 
  • Green - Perfect for general usage. Green lenses are very common and offers even colour perception by dimming the glare while brightening shadows. 
  • Rose - Best in full sun to overcast conditions! We love looking through rose coloured lenses in our Vancouver weather. Rose lenses reduce eyestrain and also helps improve visual depth. 

***Polarized - If you are a fisherman, boater, driver, skier, biker, golfer, jogger, etc, then you will love polarized lenses! Polarized lenses are a great benefit when you when want to knock out that unwanted reflection/glare. 

Step 4: Ask yourself if this pair of sunglasses will be a statement item or a timeless piece to add to you collection. You can never have enough sunglasses!

Step 5: Place item in your shopping cart, hit purchase, and wait for your delivery! 

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