Spring Fashion Trends For 2019

Spring Fashion Trends For 2019

Spring is here and what better way to jump into a new season than with some new trendy shades. Here are some trends to look out for!

Shield Sunglasses 

Protect your eyes and make a bold statement with a pair of shields. You’ll be sure to turn some heads and make a fashion statement.

For a frame style that is generally made to be big and flashy, some of the designer brands such as Gucci, Ray-Ban, and Carrera have been making some subtle-but-not-so-subtle shields. Ray-Ban’s new Blaze Clubmaster (RB 3576) takes a sunglasses staple and combines it with a single piece lens creating a shield look on a classic frame.  Or if you’re more into a tradition shield frame, Gucci (GG 0199/S) makes a very clean shield pair of sunglasses that, depending on how you want to dress with them, can stand out or tie together an already great look.

Extreme Bling

Need something a little flashy? Over the top? Michael Kors (MK 1039/B) makes an aviator shape that’s studded with crystals all around the lens. Gucci (GG 0418/S) has a little more subtle bling to it, with crystals studded to spell out GUCCI on the side of the sunglasses. MCM also has their own sunglasses with some bling. If you look at some MCM frames, you’ll find that they also have crystal or metal studs, accenting and detailing the frame and giving it some flash.


Big Squares

You can never go wrong with oversized square frames. 

Oversized square frames look super chic on just about any look. Chloe (CE 126/S) makes plenty of oversized frames, with some of the hottest trends in oversized anything right now. Again, Gucci keeps up with some of the hottest trends and always has a frame ready for some of the most fashionable styles.


Unique Shapes

Be a showstopper with some unique shapes, let your uniqueness shine through with your sunglasses! What better way to express yourself than with a different pair of frames?

Tom Ford has come up with a super elegant and unique, yet undeniably classic frame. Coming at it with a more contemporary approach, Tom Ford isn’t afraid to come at it with a more stylized silhouette, giving some more flair to this unique frame. If you want something unique that almost nobody else is going to be wearing, Gucci (GG 0414/S) has a holographic print on the lens of an oversized square frame that comes as either a tiger head printed on the lenses or GUCCIFY printed across the lenses.

 Round Sunglasses 

If big and bold isn’t what you’re looking for, try a softer, round frame. This everlasting trend will keep you looking fresh for years.

 Again, back with the undeniably classic shape of the clubmaster, Tom Ford (TF 0608) brings in a simple yet obvious designer frame to the spring break party, sure to turn heads trying to take a glimpse of what those glasses might be. Round has always been an easy choice to make with so many different designers all coming out with their own round frames. Ray-Ban, for example, has numerous round frames that are subtle or eye-catching. There’s always a frame for you out there, just try them on!

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